Saturday, September 19, 2009

We Are So Lucky

To have people who feel this way....

This was a comment left on the bite club (press democrat food blog) this morning...

Luck does not have anything to do with the success of a restaurant and most times neither does location. I remember thinking that Matthew was nuts to open Underwood out in Graton - my bad!! If you open it and it is good - they will come. You go Patrick, you are talented, young and creative. Go for your dream - I'll most certainly will join you as a diner when you open. -Karen Powell


  1. I hope you'll welcome the many West County vegetarians by offering some vegetarian/vegan options!

    Joan Price
    (a hungry vegan who lives just a few minutes from your new restaurant)

  2. Thanks for the support Joan! Of course we'll have plenty to offer our vegetarian friends. In addition to the usual salads and such I make 100% semolina eggless pasta for ravioli and pasta dishes. Look forward to meeting you.

  3. Thanks for the personal answer -- yes, you'll meet me. Looking forward to eating at Restaurant P/30!

    -- Joan

  4. I am so very excited for your new restaurant! I have been loving that location for a few years and Im glad to see it go to good hands. My partner and I own a little restaurant in Penngrove called The Humble Pie and it was a little rough fitting into our location at first and people said we were crazy to share a building with a bar. But when you are happy you make it fit and then it becomes its own life force... and that's so friggin fun!
    Good luck with your new baby and we will be in very soon!
    Miriam Donaldson