Monday, October 12, 2009

A New Face for The Bar

Most of the weekend was spent on hands and knees helping to finish the nearly perfect molding installed by Tony from Guillory Design Group.  It was a new and interesting challenge for those of us not accustomed to such work...including Emma who was quite handy with the sander, and who made her father quite proud as she read the measurement of "four foot, three and three quarter inches" from the measuring tape.  This subtle, understated improvement adds a sense of weight to the once flimsy boring bar facade.  Add a fresh coat of paint, and you'll never remember what used to be.

The paint itself on the other hand was another story.  After testing our first color in a few key areas, we decided to head back to the swatches.  Thankfully, the second time was the charm.  A few gallons of primer yet to be laid down and we'll be ready for one of the biggest, most rewarding and least expensive transformations one can make.  This week we'll be calling on all our volunteers to get the ball rolling.

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