Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Wouldn't Even Recognize It

With a little (and by that I mean A LOT) help from my parents, last week the restaurant really started taking shape.  They are two of the most hard working people I have ever known.  After their flight from Albuquerque, they drove directly from Oakland, put on work clothes and got busy.  They hadn't even checked into their hotel room before brandishing paint rollers and drill guns.  For six days straight we painted, swept, and cleaned our way through the whole restaurant.  We were also able to reconfigure the sound system, which in hindsight should have been our first task.  For the first time we were able to really see what P/30 will look like.  And we LOVE it.  

On the back(business) end of things....progress is slow but steady.  We're still not set on an opening night, but we hope to have that date VERY SOON(we promise).  Still too many variables out there.  We're in this faze where opening a restaurant is more like a nine-to-five than it is the intense-creative-passionate-fun-all day world we're used to.  But, I have to remember to be patient, some things should not be rushed. 

I keep getting tons of calls from local wineries, coffee houses, fish mongers, and I have to tell them all the same thing.  "I'm not ready for you.  But I will be soon."  And a quick note to you purveyor type folks out there: don't worry about bugging me.  My list of people to call is very, very, very long.  If you don't hear from me, it's not because I don't love ya, it's that I can only spend so much darn time in front of this computer, and/or attached to my phone.  The point is, call again or email again, until we can get together.   

And to all of you that have stopped in on your way down Bodega Highway:  Thanks for introducing yourselves.  We've met some great people over that last couple of weeks.  It's been incredible to see so much support from people closest to the restaurant.  In times of stress and struggle, the simplest of things that can bring you back to center and help you remember why all of this is worth it.  Thank you for your support, we really do appreciate it.

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